Narrative of Inquiry...

As an architect & urbanist, I believe it is imperative that we in the built environment design disciplines carefully ask the right questions before providing solutions to the world. To riff on Cedric Price's famous provocation, I ask: "Cities" are the answer, but what was the question?

Accordingly, each of the research & design investigations catalogued here seeks to examine particular questions we face as we urbanize. Design in the city today holds vast potential for critiquing contemporary issues in an era of rapid neoliberal urbanization: gentrification, housing affordability, informality, technology equity, sustainability, ecological imbalances, amongst many others. Cities need both good design and the accompanying governance mechanisms to enable either to become successfully integrated as they evolve.

As such, these investigations illustrate a narrative of design within the built environment at all scales - urban interventions that might act as a 'cog' in solutions to contemporary questions that our cities face today. Investigations range in category from: design projects in key urban sites, to cartographic mappings that reveal latent potentials for policy & planning, to site-less design-research speculations that critique contemporary urban conditions & concepts. Collectively, they act as a toolkit of ideas for tackling challenging urban questions in a rapidly urbanizing world.

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